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Specialty Plastics are stockists and suppliers of protective plastic products to the hydraulics, fabrication, construction and mining industries.

For over 20 years Specialty Plastics has supplied products into the Australian market and our export market is growing rapidly.

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We are the leading supplier of the following products:

Spiral Guard – a light weight product that is a cost effective way of protecting your hoses and cables from abrasion and impact. Because of the expanding nature of the product it is possible to wrap individual hoses as well as bundles of hoses in a loom. The product has been designed with rounded edges for ease of fitment and no sharp edges means no chance of cutting the hose.
Burst Buster – a sleeve diffusing product designed to divert oil in a hydraulic hose assembly failure. Now a requirement under MDG41 for underground coal mines the product prevents high pressure oil injections into operators. Burst Buster is a Woven Polyester Tube manufactured from dope-dyed flame retardant yarn complete with anti-static. Burst Buster can be utilized in a large variety of Mining and Quarrying applications including drilling, excavators, trucking, long wall operations, loaders, electrical cables, blast hole rigs, jumbo rigs, etc.
Fire Sleeve – A knitted E-type fiberglass sleeve with a coating of high-temperature silicone rubber. Provides excellent burn-through protection from molten metals, flames, welding splatter, slag, sparks and environmental contamination. Temperature Range of -50ºC to a continuous exposure of 500ºF / 260ºC, molten splash at 2200ºF / 1205ºC for periods up to 15 minutes and short excursions to 3000ºF / 1650ºC. Typically used to protect hydraulic hoses, pneumatic lines, electrical cables, control wiring, welding calble, electrical arc furnace cables,etc.
Bunch Binders – Save time and money with the bunch binder. It’s the ultimate hose mounting system. Bunch Binders have the ability to hold hoses in position without any movement, preventing hose or hose covers from damage. The bunch binder replaces hose assemblies; one size fits all hose groups and has an easy tensioning system. The versatile bunch binder can be applied to all positions on a beam, including vertical, horizontal and 45 degree angle.
Straps – Designed to bundle hydraulic hoses but are versatile enough to use in many tie down and strapping applications in transport and other industries. We stock a large selection of budget and flame retardant anti-static (FRAS) straps from 400mm to 1500mm.
Caps & Plugs- for all of your capping and plugging needs. We have plugs and caps for all manner of hydraulic equipment, furniture plugs in round square and rectangular, threaded and non threaded caps & plugs.

  • BSP, JIC & Metric plugs and caps are used throughout the automotive, fluid power and engineering industries to protect threaded components from dust, moisture and damage during production, storage and shipment.
  • T Series Threaded Plug has a knurled head design for easy application. This plug can also be used to seal 37 degree fittings.
  • SP Series quick-fitting alternative to the standard threaded plug these snap-fit plugs will give a tight fit with only a single turn of the plug, once it is pushed into position. The design also enables each plug to cover variety of threads.
  • Q Series (Clear LDPE), HP Series ( Clear LDPE) and FC Series (Red LDPE) are caps for split flange connections designed to cover CODE 61 and CODE 62 flanges.
  • CP Series Numbered Series designed to fit common threaded and non threaded sizes.
  • BL & BLM series can be applied or removed by hand hex wrench or screwdriver.
  • Y & TS Series have a wide tab for easy removal.
  • W series flanged washers for finishing off cut hydraulic hose.
  • I series push in plus to suit threaded and non threaded fittings or holes in sheet metal.
Flange Protectors – used in pipe spooling transport and storage, painting and blasting and gramophone protection. We cover ANSI type 150Lb, 300LB, 600LB, 900LB & 1500LB in 1/2″ to 30″. Many type to choose from such as raised face push in type, full face push in type, full face tie on type. Custom made to application is also available.
Pipe Caps- used in pipe spooling transport and storage, painting and blasting, We can cover from 1/2″ to 48″ with customs sizes available suited to your application. We stock both ANSI B36.10 nominal bore sizes and standard imperial OD tube sizes.Pipe Plugs – are also available to fit inside ANSI B36.10 nominal bore pipe sizes form 1/2″ to 24″
Oilfield Tool Joint Protectors - used in the oil & gas fields and land based drilling. We cater for API type Regular & IF, Full Hole, Double Shoulder, Beco, Remit, Metzke and other proprietary threads.
oxBox – the new storage solution for archiving applications in all manner of industries, office and home use. Store files, documents, office stationary, office equipment,  IT software or hardware components, toys, clothes, whatever you want! oxBox is strong, durable, pest resistant, water resistant and stackable.
oxBox – As Strong As.

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